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Above all, Masterless Warrior is a study in character. Who? The answer to that is not all that simple. He's a man with no name. The one that was given to him is a relic of days gone by. Yet what drives a person to take up such a life? The conditions and circumstances of an unconventional youth are what create his current state. Everything he has ever loved, he has lost. Thus, he's become this man; working as a killer for hire, he's found something cathartic. His job is an escape; a way to free himself from the burdens that weigh him down, but the longer he lingers, the more the demons pull. Now, tasked with a mission where the stakes are constantly being raised, he begins to feel that pressure. He understands that perhaps he’s lingered too long in a game that’s not fit for the weary. Yet he's compelled. The allure of the mystery and what comes next keep him moving forward. Especially, when the man on the other end changes the rules, adapting them to suit his own sick game. Using time as a plot device, the gaps of bygone events are slowly filled. Can a man ever truly outrun his past? The answer to that lays within.

Masterless Warrior


Here, you will find what I believe Masterless Warrior is meant to be. At its base it is a thriller with a heavy dose of action, but beneath the surface lays an endearing tale of a man with nothing. But people never start that way; the circumstances of his transformation unveil themselves sporadically throughout the book. In it, time is key. The past and the present merge to create a portrait of a man who’s losing his grip.


Cover Art by Christopher Robin

Tattoo Artist at Goldenrule Tattoo


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